Stimulation Of Hormones

Anabolic hormone is a type of chemical that helps encouraging cellular growth; this plays an important role in the metabolic processes of humans and many animals and is responsible for muscle growth and expansion of nerves. There are a number of hormones that fall in this category like: insulin, growth hormones and testosterones. In order to stimulate anabolic hormones one can do a number of things.

Stimulation Of Hormones

Diet changes for stimulation

  • Eat enough calories- calories deficit for a long period of time can cause the testosterone levels to drop resulting in slow metabolic rate and also loss of muscle mass. So it is important to take the right amount of calories in order to stimulate hormones.
  • Fat consumption- fat plays an important role in the production of anabolic hormones; a diet in healthy fats keeps the testosterone levels high and also speeds up fat loss. All fats are important and 30 percent of the daily calorie intake should come from fat. Omega fatty acids are also equally important and are available in foods like fish, nuts and red meat.
  • Limited consumption of fibre- high fibre intake leads to lower testosterone levels; mainly because more fibre leads to more testosterone to be excreted from the body. As fibre is necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system so it can promote fat loss; so a decent amount of fibre should be consumed not too less and not too much.
  • Carbs for feasting- carbs are the primary source of energy so carbs are directly related to the testosterone levels; those on low carb diet experience a drop in the testosterone level. Testosterone levels are high because of eating carbs every day. Combination of carbs and proteins can lead to greater muscle growth which also raise the insulin level and also block muscle damage.
  • Right supplements- calcium is one supplement that is very important to stimulate anabolic hormones like testosterones in athletes. Taking calcium twice a day during meal is enough to gain anabolic hormones.

With right exercise right diet is also important to stimulate the anabolic hormones; otherwise they will be out of balance and the physical progress would just remain stagnant.  As we grow old the growth hormone naturally decreases so it is very important to take some supplements to avoid such age related conditions.

There are a number of injections and supplements also that stimulate anabolic hormones like growth hormones; somebody who is not able to change the diet can easily use these but before using one should be sure of the dangers associated with them. Those who have an abdominal problem or an open heart surgery should avoid use, in fact even those who have lung or breathing issues should also avoid such injections supplements. Diabetic patients should also use these injections cautiously as they can disrupt the blood sugar levels. Diet for stimulating hormones is a better option as it is safe and not much change is required to do; diet with proper exercise can do wonders.

Janice J. Robinson

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