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10 Cool Fashion Designers to Follow on Twitter

Followers of fashion don’t have to wait long to find out what their favorite designers have been up to. The immediacy of social networking platforms means you can get the latest buzz – and often a handy picture or two – within minutes of new creations appearing on the catwalk. So if you’re a follower of fashion, here are a few trending fashion designers you might want to add to your feed.

Boxing Kitten

You can be forgiven for wondering who this is, but if you’ve seen Beyoncé and Alicia Keys in their performance of ‘Put It in a Love Song’ then you’ve already seen her designs. Focusing on popular African textiles with fabulous 50’s inspired cuts and styles, this popular designer is bringing ethnic to the catwalk in a big way.

Rachel Roy

Rachel’s popular Twitter account isn’t only used to send random messages to her loyal supporters, she also shows off her latest designs in an online showcase of her work. Not only that but she runs regular giveaways as well, so if snapping up freebies is your idea of a bargain, this is one account you’ll want to keep an eye on.


Big, bold and very beautiful, the Bijules collection is most definitely Bel Air. Focusing on jewelry, her pieces are statement items the fashion world love to talk about and only a few are brave enough to wear.

Michael Kors

Everyone loves Michael Kors, and his fashions are highly regarded around the world. With regular tweets on clothing, fun stuff and life in general, this is as close as most of us will ever get to the great man himself.

Jay Manuel

If you can’t wait for the next series of America’s Next Top Model and need a quick catch up with the bleached blonde man himself, then link in to his Twitter feed for regular updates about his latest work, as well as snippets about his personal life.

Fashion Designers

Cindy Crawford

Once a supermodel and aerobic queen, Ms Crawford has also been known to bring out a dress design or two. What makes her account good to follow is her understanding of fashion in an everyday world. Refreshingly different from many other online fashion designers.

Victoria Beckham

Married to one of the world’s greatest footballers and a former member of renowned girl group, The Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham has carved out a career for herself in the world of fashion. Mostly fashion related tweets and generally used to promote her own products, but if keeping up with the Beckham’s is important this is the Twitter account for you.

Manolo Blahnik

Almost as high on our Twitter list as we are on his stilettos, Mr Blahnik is a Spanish fashion designer with a passion for footwear. Popular around the world, his Twitter account is regularly updated with fashion trends and product info. Not only that, but he’s likely to tell you what he’s up to of an evening as well. Movie night, anyone?

Nicole Miller

Closer to your high street brand, although with a slightly higher price tag, Nicole Miller showcases affordable fashion that hits all the trends. Follow her for fashion advice, the latest products to hit her shelves and updates about who’s who in the fashion world.

Brian Atwood

Another designer who focuses on the feet is Brian Atwood, trendsetter and innovative designer. Plenty of tweets from this fresh face in the fashion world and quite a few giveaways as well.

You’ll probably have your own favorite designers locked away in your Twitter account, but have you ever wondered which designers fashion designers follow? Take a sneaky peek at their ‘following’ list to see who’s trending for your favorite.

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