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5 Top Stocking Fillers For Him

Christmas is just around the corner and you can almost see Santa peeking at you yet you still don’t have something to give your guy best friend. You want to give him something that can fit into his Christmas stocking that’s hanging on the fireplace just right beside the Christmas tree.

You want to give him something unique yet something he can find use for as well. While it may take you a bit of time to think about it, here are around 5 top stocking fillers for him for you to choose, these can all be purchased at https://www.luckies.co.uk/, your one stop shop for unique gifts for any occasion.

Stocking Fillers For Him

Sockception for Christmas

What better way to fill up your guy best friend’s Christmas sock than to put socks in it as well. Since it might be cold during the winter time, these socks can really come in handy. Give your guy best friend something to keep his feet warm with these quirky looking ice cream socks packaged to really look like ice cream. For only £5.95, you can give your friend something to make his feet warm and look cool at the same time.

MyTEAcal Creatures for Christmas

If your friend is into tea as well as a curiosity for the unknown, there’s no better gift to give him than the Baby Nessie Tea Infuser. This £8.95 mythical creature will make tea time much more interesting and make your friend’s tea cup look like the lake where the legendary mythical creature supposedly resides, but instead of fresh water, it’s replaced by hot water, tea leaves and honey.

Perry can help your friend save money

Nothing spells capitalism like a piggy bank, and Perry the Capitalist Pig will do just that. A perfect gift for your guy friend to help him save money to buy you unique and cool gifts too! A piggy bank with a matte blackboard like finish for him to write what he’s saving for like “gift for <your name>”, priced at £14.95, this Capitalist Pig by the name of Perry will help your friend save money.

What’s the holiday without pictures?

Of course pictures need to be taken to make memories, what might be lacking is the memory on that camera that’s taking a picture. Given that your guy best friend is the official photographer of your group, it can come in handy for him to have an alternative storage for the pictures that he’s taking so that you and all your friends can post #squad goals pictures on Face book. The Adventure Wristband can be a great gift for him this Christmas so he can have an alternative storage space for pictures so you and your group of friends have loads of pictures to choose from to post. A £19.95 waterproof wristband that doubles as a 4GB usb is something that’s definitely worthy of putting inside your friend’s Christmas stocking.


Greeting cards are always a mainstay during Christmas as well as other holidays and occasions, instead of giving your guy friend a typical holiday greeting card, why not give him something more unique like a jigsaw puzzle wherein you can write your Christmas message to him on the back so he can assemble it himself and try to figure out what you’re saying. This £10.95 jumble of shapes and letters will give him something to wrap his brains around come Christmas time aside from wrapping gifts for you.

Christmas only comes once a year so why not give your guy best friend something unique yet useable for Christmas. These unique Christmas gifts are sure to fill up his Christmas stockings as well as his Christmas spirit too!

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