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5 Ways to Reflect Your Style in Your Decor

Your home is your castle and there is no greater way to express your personal style than in your home decor.  So how do you make the halls of your home scream YOU without making the entire house into an extension of your slightly unkempt bedroom? Strategic decorating! Carefully planned pieces can take your decor from cold and impersonal to cozy and completely you. Here are five ways to make it happen:

Style in Your Decor

A Picture Gallery

A picture gallery is the perfect addition for your long hallway or empty staircase! You can fill your picture frames with pictures friends and family and amazing adventures.  Feel free to tell the story of your life and share it with the world on simple blank walls. All you need is a standard digital camera to completely customize your picture gallery. The finishing touch is perfected by finding a professional framer, like Frameology, to pair your carefully selected pics with the perfect frame!

A Quote

Make your home beautiful and thought provoking ! Stencil your your favorite quote and onto a plain wall with a beautiful font to capture the eyes and minds of your guests! You can choose something funny or heartwarming or inspirational, the choice is yours- whatever speaks your mind. Set the tone for the room with words and dress it up with a fitting font. You can even stencil the words in with a unique texture or set the words against a brightly colored background. It’s all up to you.

A Feature Wall

A feature wall is a striking visual engagement for any room. The best part is that it offers you the chance to exercise your creative genius in a real way. There are a million ways to create a feature wall that really expresses your personal tastes. You can have an amazing picture turned into a digital mural or choose a textured wallpaper to create a beautiful and interesting contrast. From faux stone to recycled pallet wood, the choices are limitless. Whatever your choice, a feature wall is a simple way to voice your unique style in your home.

Repurposed Furniture

Your furniture doesn’t have to be boring and generic. You can easily take your furniture to the next level by customizing older pieces and repurposing them to fit your needs and style. From bookcases to tables to beautiful buffets, creating customized furniture is the best way to make your home a unique gallery of your taste.

Shadow Boxes

This one is a personal favorite. We all have those little pieces of memorabilia and keepsakes that represent our lives and loves. What better way to make your house a home than displaying your favorite memories in a stylish way? Making your own shadow boxes is an easy and creative way to showcase all the little things that you hold dear. You can be as elaborate and ornate or as simple and streamlined as you like.

Nothing makes you feel more at home than a house that reflects your personal style. WIth just a few selective pieces picked especially for you, you can make any house into a home. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect combination for you.

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