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6 Best Steroid Alternatives for Weight Loss

Athletes generally like to avoid anabolic-androgenic steroids and look for alternatives with similar effects. These alternatives also help athletes to boost their natural performance. Not only athletes, but general people who are not willing to use steroids because of their side effects like ‘Roid rage’ and their image in public look for closest alternative to steroids for the benefits like steroids.

These alternatives to steroids are easily found in general nutrition centres or online stores. We shall have a glance on legal steroids for athletes below.

Steroid Alternatives for Weight Loss


This is an alternative of steroid Anadrol. Anadrol have very serious effects and sometimes they turn to be dangerous but it works miraculously in building muscle. Some of these serious effects include stomach pain, swelling, and changein colour of the skin, vomiting, lack of appetite.

A-drol, as an alternative to this steroid it promises the same results without having the side effects.  This gives more power during work outs and inturn helps in good muscle gain. It gives super strength, quick recovery, fast results with increased stamina and excellent pumps to increase in muscle mass without any side effects.


Trenorol is alternative to Trenbolone which is graded as veterinary steroid and not recommended to humans. Trenbolone causes very dangerous effects in human beings. Blood pressure needs to be monitored regularly as it may lead to kidney, liver or heart failure. Though it promotes benefits like good physique and lean muscle within no time, its risks outweighed them.

Trenerol is an excellent option to gain muscle and strength very fast like trenbolone but without any side effects in all natural way. It improves vascularity, eliminates fat fast but preserves mass by creating dense muscles. The performance gets enhanced by its natural ingredients too.


Decaduro is alternative to Decadurobolin. This alternative helps in building muscle by increasing the synthesis of protein in the body. It retains more nitrogen in muscle and helps it to grow. The benefits of Decaduro are innumerous and few are incredible muscle gain, great strength and power, reduction in joint pain and body fat without any side effects and fast recovery in muscle strength.


It is a safe and legal alternative to steroid Winstrol. It is designed to cut the fat without affecting the muscle. It does not have any side effects as Winstrol have. Its natural ingredients serve several benefits to the patient like fat burning with increase in muscle strength, improves vascularity and muscle density. It also increases the speed of performance.


It is a safe alternative to Dianabol. Unlike Dianabol, this alternative will not cause any side effects like high blood pressure, increase in man breasts or liver damage.

It gives strength and stamina, retains nitrogen in muscle to make them dense and fast muscle gains to develop the physique. The natural ingredients give promising results similar to Dianabol.


This is an alternative to ClenButerol popularly called as Clen. This legal alternative does not show any of the side effects as Clen like heart failure, anxiety or cramps in muscles.

The alternatives are safe undoubtedly but the results are still questionable as not much research done.

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