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8 Mandatory Items a Denim Lover Should Possess

When Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss invented denim to make a tough outfit for the miners in 1873, little they would have thought about denim taking over the fashion world and being an iconic fabric for the years to come. If you are a denim lover, then here are 8 denim items that should be there in your closet.

1)    The Jeans

Who doesn’t have a pair of jeans today? Almost everyone around the world owns a pair of jeans regardless of their age, sex, nationality or looks. Even though jeans are just a pair of pants, denim can create wonders in the form of different shades of color; blue, black, green, and grey are the most popular ones. To be specific, a pair of blue jeans is a must-have unless you live in North Korea.

2)    The Chambray Shirt

These shirts would go perfectly well with white trousers or white shorts. They come in a variety of designs but give the best look when paired with something white.

3)    Denim skirts

In a knee length skirt or a short skirt, you are good to go casual anytime you want. You can simply wear these with a t-shirt or a top would be great too. Getting denim jacket added to this look would be simply great!

The Chambray Shirt

4)    Denim Shorts

Who is the cutest hottie in town? If you want people to say that’s you, then seriously you got to have one of these. Denim shorts when worn with a loose t-shirt or top would give you a messy and cool look whereas when worn with a right fit printed t-shirt they give you a cute look. Moreover, you can wear a tank top or a tube top with it if you want to raise the temperature around.

5)    Denim Boots

Denim boots is a must have denim item for all. You can wear them with your pair of jeans or jumpsuits or skirts anytime you want. A white shirt, denim skirt and a pair of knee-length denim boots would give you that perfect look you always wanted.

6)    Jumpsuits

Want to be just casual? Try getting a denim jumpsuit. If being casual is your thing, then you should definitely own one or two shades of denim jumpsuits. It never fails to give you that girlie, yet not too girly look in the simplest way possible.

7)    Dungaree

Dungarees will never go out of fashion since they are the oldest form of denim clothes ever made. They kind of give you a cute and retro look. A light coloured dungaree can be worn with a white or yellow t-shirt inside and a dark coloured one would be best paired with red, black, and light green. You can wear a sleeveless, half sleeve or a full sleeve t-shirt.

8)    Denim bags and Pouches

If a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt is your happy place, then why not exaggerate it a bit with a denim bag? A denim pouch, handbag or backpack would just add on to your casual look. Not to worry if it would be too much because denim has always been something subtle yet stylish.

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