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A Detailed Guide about Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette has emerged as the most affable and greatly viable alternative to the conventional tobacco based cigarettes. If you’re considering quitting the tobacco based smoking for better health and monetary savings, here are a few things you should know about electronic cigarettes and their benefits.

Adjustable nicotine levels

The most unique and prominent feature of E cigarette is that it allows you the flexibility to adjust the nicotine levels according to your needs and aspirations. You can increase or decrease the levels according to your desire and mood. The variables of nicotine blend are listed below.

  • You can have a complete Nicotine free smoke where the level of nicotine is at absolute zero. It comes with just PV and/or VG and flavoring to add the desired flavor to enhance your smoking experience.
  • The second level is the Low strength level where the nicotine is blended at bare minimum with just 4 to 8mg of nicotine per milliliter. This is meant for non-regular smokers or people who are about to quit smoking by reducing their nicotine intake.
  • You can also avail the smoke with medium level of nicotine content. Here nicotine level is kept at 10 to 14mg nicotine per millimeter. This is the most popular blend among smoking aficionados.
  • The penultimate level is the high strength level. At this level, the nicotine content is at 16 to 18mg per millimeter. This is quiet high dosage of nicotine and the starters should refrain from using it by all means.
  • The ultimate level is the extra-high strength level. The nicotine in this level is at the highest permissible level that is 24-54mg per millimeter. This is really a high amount of nicotine content to intake.  Therefore, you should avoid taking the substance in this quantity as it may have disastrous implications on your overall health.

 Electronic Cigarette

Unique flavor blends

Another unique attribute of the E cigarettes is that it has a wide variety of flavors to offer to users and render them with exquisite taste. These electronic cigarette liquid flavors blend well with your mood and your desires. The types of flavors available with electronic cigarettes are quite versatile and are created according to the demands of the users. Just like a normal cigarette is available in different tastes, ranging from light, menthol and others, cartridges for electronic cigarettes too can be purchased according to your discreet tastes and requirements.

Apart from some conventional tastes, which are created according to the taste and flavor of conventional cigarettes, manufacturers of electronic cigarette liquid also churn out some special flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate to add more to their products and give the users an ability to swap flavors according to their need, taste and requirements.


Although the initial buying cost of an electronic cigarette is higher than conventional pack of cigarettes, the user of electronic cigarettes just have to purchase a cartridge or refill the customizer periodically to continue the addiction. Electronic cigarette liquid is quite affordable and can be readily purchased from an online store. This helps reduce the regular cost of smoking and eventually the savings help the user to recoup the initial investment made on the purchase of the entire electronic cigarette.

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