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Apples & Pears: Accommodating Your Body Shape

Ensuring that you fully understand your body shape is essential in managing your personal style and wardrobe. This will allow you to dress in a manner that minimises any negatives and visually adjusts the proportions of your body to ensure that you always look your best.

Apples & Pears

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Each body type has different characteristics, some of which may make you feel self-conscious and thus affect your self-esteem. The two principal body shapes are Apple and Pear, with the classic British pear shape demonstrating weight around the hip area.

There are positives to being an apple or pear shape, and understanding your body proportions can help you to compensate.

The Characteristics Of An Apple Shape

If your body is apple shaped, you will typically carry additional weight around your midriff and chest, with a larger bust and / or a protruding tummy. Your rib cage, back and shoulders may have a wide appearance. The great news is that you may well be endowed with fantastic legs.

The Characteristics Of A Pear Shape

If your body is pear shaped, you will typically carry the weight around your hips and thighs. A carefully chosen pair of womens skinny designer jeans in a dark colour from a retailer such as cuba-clothing.com can help to minimise this effect and can also balance out narrow or sloping shoulders.

Your bottom may be generous and you may have a smaller bust in comparison. Pear shaped ladies often have a thin and slender neck, both of which can be amazing assets with the right choice of top. Those who are pear shaped often have hips that are wider than their shoulders, requiring careful selection of trousers or skirts. Again, darker colours can help to mitigate the pear effect.

Whether you are an apple or pear shape, there are three key rules that will ensure that you make the most of your amazing figure. Firstly, proportions are key. If you focus on achieving a good silhouette to prevent distractions that draw the eye to any “problem areas”, you will leave plenty of opportunity to highlight your very best assets.

Secondly, fit is also essential. Any clothes you choose should fit comfortably and should create the desired outline. Finally, whatever you choose, wear it with confidence and celebrate your own unique shape and style.

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