Today the vaporizers in the house are becoming common trend and numerous of people from all around the world are taking the benefits of such vaporizers. Arizer air vaporizer is the best that you have in the market and it is coming with portable carrying case for all compartments and you are getting this free with the arizer vaporizer. This is the small version of Solo arizer as it was big but people appreciated arizer solo also and for making more comfortable the experts made more customized and is easy to carry. This is the product that is not expensive and you are able to afford it easily. All the designs that are coming are very much solid and make the person to carry it easily in the pocket or hand.

Arizer Air Vaporizer

It is very much useful in the indoor use and once it is charged then you are able to use it for 30 to 40 minutes. There are many features that arizer air is having like it has quality heating chamber, the batteries are reliable and can be recharged again, there are five custom heat settings, you are getting lifetime warranty on heating element, you are getting advance filtration in which you are able to have clean and pure vapor and all the others parts that are coming with this products are having two years of warranty.

The part and other things that are coming along with this product are vaporizer battery, one glass aroma dish, one stirring tool made of stainless steel, charger and adapter, two glass diffuser stems, one protective and clear silicon skin and you are getting free carrying case for all these parts. The product is having unique and you can enjoy the time alone or with your friends in the house as well as somewhere near the beach and make the vapors as clouds and imagine that you are enjoy the time in the clouds. You can create any kinds of different clouds that you like to make and these days in the parties too these air vaporizers are very much in demand.

If you like to have one for you then you can logon to the internet and take a visit to their official website and there you can have the selection and select the one that you think is suitable for you and enjoy the time as you like to enjoy. In their website you will come to know that there are many good discount offers that you are getting in their site and you are also getting one battery free and this will help in many ways. These batteries are chargeable and you can charge them time to time and one battery gets charged in 5 to 7 minutes and will run for more than 30 minutes. Another thing is that you are getting this in very smaller shape and for carrying the things along it will be the carrying bag or case that is very much for free.

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