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Big Jewellery Style Mistakes

You want to look fashionable and stylish when you step out the door in the morning, but what if you are inadvertently making major fashion blunders when it comes to your jewellery? Wearing jewellery can really add a lot to your look, but it can also distract and take away if you get it wrong.

Here are some of the common mistakes that many women make when they wear jewellery, so you can be aware of them and avoid them yourself.

Wearing Necklaces That Are Too Big

This fashion mistake applies to ladies who are a little bit older and might not have perfectly silky smooth skin on their décolletage. Many older women make this error and it makes them look older because it draws attention to lines in their neck and chest. Sometimes wearing a big statement necklace can make a bold style statement, but make sure that you want to draw attention to your neck and décolletage and that the rest of your outfit is neutral enough to balance the necklace out.

Jewellery Style

Not Choosing a Focal Piece

When you are wearing several pieces of jewellery at once, such as a bangle, a large necklace, a ring and earrings, it is important to select one of them as a focal point for the ensemble. One of the pieces can be the centre of attention and the rest of the jewellery can complement that piece. The focal piece should be one piece that is similar to the rest, but a little bigger and bolder. In the same way, if everything that you are wearing is part of a set that is too close and same-y it will look too unimaginative and boring.

Wearing Too Much Jewellery at Once

When you wear too much jewellery all at one time it can be overwhelming, distracting and not very flattering. It is possible to combine jewellery and wear multiple bracelets at once, but it must be done in a way that is deliberate and well put together. For example, the bracelets should have the same colour scheme and complement each other or there should be an element that ties them together. Also, if you are wearing multiple bracelets you might not want to also wear multiple rings and necklaces, as this can really add up to a lot of jewellery and can look overwhelming.

Wearing Clashing Metals or Materials

Jewellery can be made from a lot of different types of materials, from gold to silver to pear to diamond to stone to wood. When you are wearing jewellery together, make sure that the pieces you choose coordinate with each other rather than clashing. When you wear too many incompatible materials together with each other it can create a unique and striking look.

Not Matching the Jewellery to Your Body Type

Another important factor to consider is whether or not the jewellery matches your body type. If you are tall, tiny jewellery won’t suit you because it will get lost and it can make you look even larger. If you are very small and petite then large jewellery might not flatter you because you will look like a child playing dress up and the large jewellery pieces will make you appear even smaller. Take a look at celebrity jewellery photos to see how your favourite stars match their jewellery styles to their body type.

Wearing Bracelets That Clack Together

Do you hear that jingling, jangling clacking sound? It’s what everyone can hear when you walk in the room because you are wearing multiple bangles on your wrist that bang together. Stacking multiple bracelets or even wearing stackable charm bracelets can be fine and it can be quite a bold fashion statement, but make sure you think about how they interact together. You might want to wear a woven or fabric bracelet between the metal elements so that they do not make noise when they interact with each other.

These are just a few of the big mistakes that many people make when wearing jewellery. Putting together a great look can be a lot of fun, but make sure that you aren’t making a serious style faux pas. Take the time to choose the right jewellery for your perfect look so that you can feel confident and stylish.

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