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Check Out The New Swimsuit Styles For Plus Sized Women

You finally bought those cruise tickets and your island-friendly wardrobe is ready, minus one crucial item. The swimsuit of your island dreams has not yet been purchased. Off you go, to your favorite department store, where the saleswoman directs you to a tiny section, where the leftover swimsuits need only the barest perusal to prove to you why they deserved to be left here, out of sight, out of mind. There is no worse feeling than anxiously awaiting the new swimsuit styles to come out, and only after hightailing it over to your favorite boutique, you find a host of sizes 2-6, along with a somewhat bored salesgirl, who explains to you that the store generally orders only a couple of the “larger” sizes, as they don’t usually sell well. This is a sad reality for many plus size women — you’ve grown up, your hips have filled out, maybe you have had a child, or children. Everywhere you go, boutique, or department stores have cute swimsuit styles but they’re only available in the smaller sizes. And worse, the only style you can consistently find in your size is a matronly (read funereal) black one-piece.

If this sounds familiar you, it’s time to take back your right to swimsuit selection! Luckily the online shopping revolution is with you. Online, you’ll find retailers who recognize a size 8 as the beginning of a real woman’s size range, not the top of it. If you haven’t considered online shopping for your next swimsuit, you should. Imagine browsing for stylish, trendy plus size swimsuits from the comfort of your own home — free from the fitting room dread that accompanies brick-and-mortar shopping experiences.

Swimsuit Styles For Plus Sized Women

How great will it be to check out all the new trends — with designs leaning towards bright tropical colors and bold color-blocked prints that accentuate curves and a larger chest. Don’t be afraid of color — in fact, it’s time for plus size gals to embrace color. A morose color can nullify a beautiful tan, while tropical colors can transform sallow skin. Color blocks, like sheer inserts and cut-outs are two other great swimsuit trends that accommodate larger frames, while other classic embellishments like ruffles, bows, metal-work and beading, point the eye to the best assets of your body. Got arms like Venus Williams, a gorgeous midriff, a bust to die for? The bold embellishments of the newest swimsuit styles for plus size women will draw those lingering gazes to those strategic places.

The newest swimsuit silhouettes include artful styles that can mask, or reconfigure, body flaws. Best of all, online retailers like swimsuits for all often offer a body type identifier, because as every good shopper should know, your body type is as important as your body size. Is your waist ill-defined? Try a new tankini, or an even newer midi Kini (which is essentially a bikini, but modified to cover more). The newest halter top designs at swimsuits for all will also draw the eye upwards — away from problem areas such as thighs and tummies. Panels, or ruching, seen in many new styles, also serve to hide a tummy. Classic maillots are still available, and super sexy besides, with their higher cut seams, which are designed to make yours look like they go on forever.

If you’re still unsure of what to do, remember that when you shop for plus size swimwear at swimsuitsforall, you can hit the beach this winter with a swimsuit that will make everyone appreciate your style and your body. The confidence that goes with that kind of attention has no pricetag.

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