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Different Ways to Make a White Tee Less Boring

Simple and versatile, a white tee (or a lot of white tees) is a staple in any wardrobe whether you’re male or female. If you know how to style it properly it can be worn on any occasion and it can also be your best friend during the days when you just have “nothing to wear”. However, some people find a white shirt boring because it’s too simple. But you don’t have to believe that because these styling tips will make you appreciate your white tee even more.

White Tee Less Boring

  1. The jeans and shirt combo

Starting with just a simple tuck in and out technique, you can style your white tee to resemble a model-off-duty look. To complete the look you can pair it with boyfriend jeans and wear white sneakers. It’s simple and you don’t have to put so much effort into pairing this combo.

  1. The sleek office look

Usually, you’d think a white shirt looks like you just stayed at home. However, when you pair it with a blazer, your white tee will look a lot classier than just laid back. To make your white tee look more presentable, put a dark-colored blazer over it and wear slacks or fit pants that match the color of the blazer. It would be better if the blazer and pants have the same color, say, black. As for the shoes, you can pair it with colorful heels or sneakers.

  1. The white shirt plus colorful skirt combo

Anything goes with white so to add color to your tee, wear a skirt that has a lot of prints. It would look better if the skirt has a white color on it so the blending would be easy on the eyes. You can even opt for a bold color to pair with your white tee.

  1. White on white

You probably think wearing white on white will make you look like a ghost. But this won’t be the case especially when you add color through accessories. Wear your white tee with a fitted pair of white pants and let yourself be creative by wearing bold-colored accessories. To help you out, you can use a bold-colored pair of hoop earrings or you can try wearing a bright belt with matching shoes. In fact, you can even try wearing a silk scarf. Just wear a short scarf and tie it around your neck in a ribbon and then wear oxford shoes.

  1. The covered summer outfit

Even though summer’s over, you can still wear your sundress and not look like you just came from the beach. To make it more appropriate for the season, wear a white tee underneath and put on your sundress. The sundress’ color should be bright (like red) so that it doesn’t look pale.

  1. Knot it up

To add more movement to your outfit, you can wear a bride robe or a loose white top and tie it in a knot. Just take one side of the shirt and knot it and then pair it with any bottom. It can be a tight pencil skirt, jeans, a frilly skirt, or trousers.

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