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Dressing to Impress – Looking the Part at Work

Everyone is aware of just how important it is to make a great first impression on clients and colleagues at work. Whether you’ve just started, you’ve just been promoted, or nothing out of the ordinary is happening whatsoever at your place of work, there’s always an inherent need to dress professionally and look the part. That means looking like someone who should be there. Here are a few things to consider with regard to work attire and dressing professionally at work.

Clients – Instil Confidence

If your clients aren’t confident in your abilities as a working professional, it suffices to say that you’re in trouble. While dressing professionally won’t gloss over any major shortcomings in your skillset it will, however, make your clients more inclined to believe that you’re a professional because you dress like one. And hopefully, act and work like one as well.

‘Wear your heart on your sleeve’ is a tenet of good customer service, so make sure your heart has a clean, professional looking sleeve to be worn upon. Your clients will definitely notice.

Dressing to Impress

Colleagues – Look the Part

It’s very important to look the part at work as each and every one of us in the office has an important role to play and it isn’t enough just to play your role, you have to look like you belong there, as mentioned earlier.

People tend to respond better to people who make the effort to dress well for the office by, for example, wearing the slim fit, extra slim fit and classic fit men’s suits available from Hawes and Curtis, leading tailors in Jermyn Street, London, so it’s definitely possible to dress professionally without breaking the bank. That’s something many working professionals know well.

When you dress professionally, act professionally and do your job as well as you possibly can, it’s only natural that your colleagues will respond to you as a professional who deserves to be taken seriously. That’s very important because impressions count for so much in the workplace.

Yourself – Dress How You Want to Be Seen  

So, who are you and who do you want to be seen as in the workplace? We are all individuals and what might be an appealing look to one person may come across as just the opposite to another. That’s just how we are as people – we all have different tastes and different interests.

However, we must adhere to social norms to a great extent, so choose your work attire for personal reasons, i.e. because you like the cut, the fit, the style, the colour or just because you like that shirt and how it looks on you, but make sure the clothes you select are professional and empower you to make the impression that you want to make on others in the workplace.

Looking the part at work is extremely important for all working professionals and whilst it isn’t a fashion parade or catwalk, you can dress professionally as well as fashionably and make an excellent impression on your clients, your colleagues, and perhaps most importantly, your boss!

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