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Exclusive Forms of Bridal Bouquets

Obviously everyone will be well aware of the different wedding gowns and other wedding apparels. But many are not aware of the different bridal bouquets. The bridal bouquets are more important for a wedding function. Beauty of a bride is declared not only with the gown and accessories they wear but also with the bridal bouquets they hold. Hence the best bouquets which perfectly match the wedding gown must be chosen. Since there are different types of bouquets with varying colors and design, the one which matches the bride’s costume can be chosen and this is also the wisest option to choose a bridal bouquet. In this article, the different forms of bridal bouquets and their exclusive beauty are stated in order to guide all who are about to choose a bouquets for their wedding ceremony.

Bridal Bouquets

Exclusive forms of bridal bouquets

Pageant shaped

This type of bouquet is designed by a bunch of flowers with long stem. These flowers will be arranged in a sweeping fashion which adds to its beauty. The long stem of the bouquet will help the bride to hold it with greater comfort. This type of bouquet can be used for formal and informal wedding. But while designing it for an informal wedding, they must be loosely arranged in order to provide an organic look.

Crescent shaped

In crescent shaped bouquets, the greenery and flowers will be arched from the center and both the ends will be tapered. People who need dramatic bridal bouquets for their wedding can choose this kind of bouquets. And these bouquets will make the best choice for perfect formal wedding.

Round shaped

In most cases, the brides tend to choose the round shaped bouquets as they will be more elegant. In this bouquet the flowers will be arranged in a round shaped and their ends will be tapered all together. This tapered ends will be decorated with designer laces or threads according to one’s interest. The round alignment of flowers will give a traditional touch to bride’s costume.

Heart hearted

As we all know, heart is always the symbol of love. Hence they are very ideal for marriage. To give a romantic touch to the bridal wear, this kind of bouquets can be used. But it is to be noted that for a heart shaped bouquets, the best flowers with dazzling color must be selected or they may ruin the beauty of the shape.

Cascade shaped

As the name indicates, they resemble like a water walls. That is their base will be decorated with more flowers and step by step these flowers will be tapered along the length. But many hesitate to choose this type of cascade bouquet as they may find it hard to hold it for a long time.

Hand tied

In this type, the flowers will be loosely arranged and they tend to provide a very casual look for the bride. They will be characterized by short steam which will be tightly tied with a ribbon or lace.

But whatever the shape is the color of the flower means a lot for its beauty. Hence one need to be more careful in choosing the color.

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