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Fashion Tips for Guys

If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your wardrobe, there are a lot of fresh fashion ideas each season that you should consider. If you’re looking for new places to shop as well, you’ll need to find some shops that are local and have great clothes.

It can be difficult finding clothes as a guy, but fortunately there are some staples every guy can add to his wardrobe to keep it fresh. Compared to girls’ clothing, guys’ clothing doesn’t always go out of fashion as quickly. Getting clothing is an investment, obviously, but guys’ outfits can last a lot longer than girls’ outfits because no one is paying attention to how many times you’re wearing that shirt.

Wardrobe Items to Try

Because you probably don’t want to spend a ton of money on clothing, a few good shirts you can rely on can do wonders for your wardrobe. These days, guys are wearing a lot of tee shirts. Tee shirts are great because you can wear them with anything, including jackets, and there are a lot of different kinds of tee shirts you can look into. Graphic tees are always a great option. Whether they’re depicting a favourite band or an old brand of soda, they’re always a classic.

Tee shirts are great because they are cheap and you can own a lot of them, but the problem is that sometimes you need something more formal. So in this case, you can try to pick out a few button-up shirts. Button-ups are classy and come in a lot of different colours and patterns. There are also short-sleeved and long-sleeved options. Hawaiian patterns and small prints are very popular and you can almost always find something you like.

Fashion Tips for Guys

If you’re in need of pants, you can always try some good old-fashioned jeans. However, if you’re looking for something a little more formal, you could try some chinos. Chinos perfectly accompany Hawes and Curtis’ range of shirts and they are definitely a style classic. Chinos come in several different colours and although they are most popular in tan, they are also available in red, brown, green, blue, and other colours. Chinos can go well with tee shirts, but they definitely go really well with button-up shirts.

If you’re looking for new shoes, you can try some oxford-style laced shoes or simply go with some running shoes. Running shoes were unpopular during the late 2000s but have since made a big fashion comeback, and running shoe brands make new models each year.

Shopping Tips

If you really want a lot of options when it comes to guys’ clothes, you should start shopping at online retailers. They have more inventory and they’re guaranteed to carry your size. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to the clothing store only to find a shirt you love, but it’s in the wrong size. You can prevent this by shopping online. You can even get good shipping discounts sometimes when you order online, and you can actually save money in some cases.

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