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Get To Know About The Facilities Of Upcoming Mangabeira Shopping Mall

The emergence of shopping centres has changed the way that people used to shop in the earlier days. Instead of going to different places to purchase various things, people can simply go to a shopping mall and get almost everything that they need. As this will be very effective for people and also a profitable business, many business people have started a shopping mall in different locations. When it comes to opening a shopping centre, everyone will think about the person João Carlos Paes Mendonça. Individuals who do not know about him may wonder why the business people have to think about this person while opening a shopping mall.

Actually João Carlos Paes Mendonça is known as the Pope of Malls. He is a Brazilian business who runs more than 15 shopping centres in and around Brazil. João Carlos Paes Mendonça is being the most popular business person in Brazil. He was interviewed by a popular newspaper Folha de São Paulo recently. The interviewer has asked many things about his business ideas and futures plans. Particularly he was questioned about where and when he is going to open another mall in the location. He replied that he has no idea about opening another mall in the location because there is no enough space for opening a mall.

Upcoming Mangabeira Shopping Mall

In fact, he is running many shopping centres in the place therefore he said that he is not interested to open another one. But at the same time, Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping is in full swing and he is concentrating on opening a new mall in Mangabeira district which is in João Pessoa. The Mangabeira shopping centre is going to join the list of huge shopping centres in the location. The project was launched in the year 2015 October 19 and it is expected that the shopping centre will be opened in next year.

Robert Santiago has planned lot of things for this mall and hence the Mangabeira shopping centre will have lot of facilities in it. Almost $ 240 million has been invested for this project therefore definitely it is going to be very huge. Actually Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping has listed out the facilities which are going to be present in the mall. According to that, the shopping centre will have 210 satellite stores, 15 anchor stores, a food court and seven miniâncoras. Moreover Mangabeira shopping centre will have a leisure area and it will include seven lane bowling alley, six movie theatres, an electronic park and a playground.

Another major highlight about this centre is it has the facility to park around 3,350 cars. Robert Santiago also said that 340 business rooms will be constructed after the inauguration. Similarly there is lot of things included in this exceptional shopping centre. The most important thing is this shopping centre is going to give more than 750 jobs in the time of opening and later the job opportunities will be increased to 2,500. Therefore this will be very helpful for the people around the location.

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