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Here is Why You Should Switch to Using Straight Razors For Shaving

There was a significant change in the trend of wet razors, where they were aimed at straight razors as a simpler shaving tool. Undoubtedly, there is a congenital level of fear associated with the use of classic straight razors. Regardless of the fact that there is also “masculinity” associated with using a razor as an impressive shaving method; Another advantage of returning to using a razor is that they serve a lot of money in contrast to numerous methods and modern methods of shaving. Not to mention the fact that razors have a longer life, unlike other shaving tools.

An interesting factor associated with using a razor is that it is a one-time investment; It doesn’t matter if you have a razor for a century. Your children and grandchildren will be able to use it after it is restored. Investing in razors will never be wasted. In other words, a razor holds on a lot, which is too good to be true. However, there are a few things that you should consider before putting your hands on razors.

Straight Razors For Shaving

First step to start: use Shavette

If you are new to the art of shaving, you will be wondering what shaving is. Getting a shave will definitely help you get acquainted with the art of wet shaving. For inexperienced people, a razor looks just like any razor. However, the significant difference is that the razor comes without a blade. The shaving slots are made specifically so that a standard blade can be inserted into it.

What should be considered in the best straight knives?

  1. Modern lines vs. Vintage lines

One of the biggest dilemmas for shaving machines for beginners is the ability to buy modern knives and straight vintage knives. A razor can be as old as a century, which is pretty amazing. Although this decision is based solely on personal preferences, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of modern razors will certainly outweigh the quality of straight razors that are more than a hundred years old. It is always recommended to choose one of the razors that make up top quality steel. Thanks to technological advances, a modern razor has an advantage over a vintage razor.

  1. Square sheet vs. Round point

There is also a difference of opinion regarding the types of straight razor blades. You may have to choose between a square-bladed razor and a round-bladed razor. A round tip blade is considered to be a safer option than straight square blades. For a beginner shaver, it is suggested that you purchase a razor with a round-tipped blade, as this is safer and you can avoid accidental cuts with this type of blade. However, as mentioned above, it all depends on the personal preferences of razor users.

  1. The width of the blades of straight knives

Straight razor blade gauges play an important role in razor selection. If you don’t understand why width plays a decisive role, you should know that people with thicker bristles prefer a wider width than others.

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