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How to Tell if your Ring is Real or Fake

One of the advantages of online buying is the ease of shopping from your own home. There is the risk, however, if you’re looking to buy jewellery online that you could be conned into paying a lot of money for a fake diamond. This article compiles a few different ways to tell if your ring is real or fake.

Test 1- Searching for impurities is a difficult but sure-fire way to identify if your ring is legitimate. Almost all diamonds aren’t completely flawless, and so will have small imperfections. Fake diamonds usually appear utterly flawless, and so are obvious when inspected that they’re fake. You’ll need a 10x magnifying glass, good lighting and a keen eye, but if you can find some imperfections that suggest your diamond is real. If you cannot, either your diamond is fake or it is completely flawless- which is fairly unlikely given how rare and expensive they are.

Ring is Real or Fake

Test 2- You can examine the facets of the ring. This is much easier than searching for impurities because of how diamonds are set into rings. You’ll still need a magnifying glass, but you should be able to see any issues more easily. A real diamond will have a sharp edge, as they’re cut by professional diamond cutters. More often than not, fake diamonds are made in moulds, melting glass or zircon into the diamond shape. Because of this, a fake diamond will have rounded edges instead of sharp ones. There is a chance that if the fake diamond still has sharp edges if it has been cut, so this method isn’t a guaranteed way to tell if your ring is real or fake.

Test 3- This is a very easy test, but is also not completely foolproof. The kind of metal that the diamond is mounted on can tell you a lot about the legitimacy of the ring. Diamonds are expensive and are usually set in more expensive metals such as platinum or white, rose gold or yellow gold. If the metal of your ring is silver or gold plated, there’s every chance that it’s a fake.

Test 4- This is another easy test, but doesn’t confirm for sure if your diamond is real or fake. If you breathe on your diamond with a warm breath, as you would to fog a window, and examine the diamond you should be able to tell if it’s fake or not. A fake diamond will be covered in a light fog whereas a real diamond will not get foggy as it doesn’t retain the heat from your breath like a fake diamond made of glass will. The problem with this test lies in the size of the diamond. If your diamond is small, it can be hard to see if it’s foggy or not.

The best way to guarantee that your ring is real is to buy from verified, reliable sites. Consider visiting the home of VVS Diamonds, Whiteflash.

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