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Alcohol and Hair Growth: Are they connected?

Alcohol and Hair Growth

For some men, growing a full beard is an easy task and they are often plagued with a 5 o’clock shadow by the time the day is done. For others, facial hair grows slow, sparse and sometimes even patchy, making the idea of growing a beard little more than a …

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A quick guide to petite evening dresses styles

evening dresses styles

When we think about petite body type we immediately consider someone who has overall small dimensions as petite. But in reality, it refers to a person who is 5.4” or shorter in height and even in this category there are people with different dimensions. So, within the specialized department for …

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Types of hair accessories every girl must have

Girls of every age care for having stylish accessories to add to their style. There are a lot of dissimilar kinds of accessories to select, however the one that girls typically can’t go without are hair accessories. Keep in your mind that in reality girls generally take into account the …

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Buy the latest Designer Anarkali Suits from Chandni Chowk

latest Designer Anarkali Suits

Delhi is the capital of India. The town carries the ancient history of India with itself as well as enriched with Indian cultural heritage. If you are thinking about travel to Delhi, you must also be thinking about shopping which you would like to enjoy during your traveling. So before …

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