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Things to Consider When Choosing Slim Width Sandals

slim sandals heels

If you have narrow feet then you are probably already aware that it can sometimes be challenging to find a shoe that actually fits correctly. The problem isn’t just with shoes, however; it also affects sandals. This is especially true with strappy sandals as regular sized ones may cause you …

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Modelling the Synonym of Glamour and Money


Modelling is indeed an important career. Not just, it presents your beauty to the world, but it also shapes your attitude and personality. At this juncture of time, when each and almost everybody is competing to enter in this glamorous yet highly earning industry, one needs to be aware of …

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Yves Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes

Yves Saint Laurent shoes

The fabulous accessories such as shoes are very important as the fall has already come and many of you need to look for a pair of fashionable shoes. The new Yves Saint Laurent pre-fall shoe offers will help you in this situation and will make the process of choosing easier. …

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5 Ways to Save Money for the Best Wardrobe in winter

winter fashion

If you are going in for good quality winter clothes you must ensure you have lots of money. Winter clothes are expensive however with the right investment you can make them last for a long number of years. There are classical coats and boots made of good and durable material. …

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10 Cool Fashion Designers to Follow on Twitter

Fashion Designers

Followers of fashion don’t have to wait long to find out what their favorite designers have been up to. The immediacy of social networking platforms means you can get the latest buzz – and often a handy picture or two – within minutes of new creations appearing on the catwalk. …

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