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Pearl Care: 8 Tips on Taking Care of Your Pearls

If you have ever inherited or owned precious pearl rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets, you know how valuable these pieces are. Authentic pearls are a gorgeous rarity that most women dream of, and when they finally fall into your hands you need to know how to take care of them. Little do people know that pearls are not as simple to maintain as they might seem at first, and you can end up ruining your luxurious pieces of jewelry without even knowing it. It might be difficult to come across the most efficient guidelines for doing this, so we have made a list of our favorite tips on taking care of your pearls. Read about them below and treat your pearls the way they deserve to be treated!

1. Avoid Chemicals

Cleaning products, perfume, sweat, deodorant… all of these substances can be slowly destroying your pearls. Make sure that you put on your pearls after you finish preparing everything else (hairspray, makeup, perfume etc.). When you arrive at home, take them off the first thing.


2. Store Separately

By all means, never store your pearls together with other pieces of jewelry. Even precious crystals like diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires can scratch your pearls and ruin them in time. Try storing them in a soft environment separate from other jewelry. No plastic bags!

3. Only Special Occasions

You will probably be tempted to wear your pearls often, but we recommend that you save them for special occasions. The more you wear your pearls, the more they are going to have their natural luster worn off. Besides, you will be taking away their rare beauty by wearing them often.

4. No Swimming

Chlorine is like cyanide for pearls. Never ever wear your pearls while in a swimming pool, as this dangerous chemical can greatly harm them. Before you go swimming make sure to take off your pearls and store them away where they won’t receive direct sunlight.

5. Soft Care

Never use abrasive materials when cleaning your pearls. You should always opt for a soft fabric or piece of material that you use to carefully rub them clean. If your pearls come into contact with any acids or chemicals like perfume or hair spray, make sure to clean them immediately in this gentle manner.

6. Distilled Water

Yet another substance that will result in ruining your pearls in time is tap water. Never attempt to use it when cleaning pearls. Instead, opt for distilled or mineral water for proper care.

7. Moderate Temperature

Like we said before, you should never store your pearl in high temperatures or in sunlight. Take care of them and store them in a mildly moist place (no completely dry places like safety deposit boxes) in moderate temperature.

8. Gentle Cleaner

We encourage you to wash your pearls using a baby shampoo instead of an expensive cleaner. At the end, gently rub them with a soft and clean cloth before storing.

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