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Put a Plug on your Skin Ageing

People all over the globe are concerned with their aesthetic outlook. Various people have different types of makeup choices however everyone is concerned about their skin quality as they start ageing. A quick and effective way to counter the effects of skin ageing is the application of BB creams. These creams have huge skincare benefits along with rejuvenation of skin.

What is BB cream?

BB cream originally referred to as Blemish Balm was first made in Germany in the year 1950. The cream was first made for patients who were undergoing treatments like chemical peels.BB cream was made for patients to soothe irritated skin and also treat redness of skin along with various discoloration faced by the skin.

Popularizing BB cream

BB cream gained popularity when it was introduced to Korea 30 years down the line. They developed this balm into a variety of other skincare products. The BB cream was then made into different products like sun screen lotions, moisturizers, foundation etc. The product was growing in popularity owing to its effectiveness and hence the western countries started to capitalize on this.

Skin Ageing

Different applications of this cream

The BB cream has various applications and is able to deal with a variety of issues for the skin. However, a single type cannot harbor all the effects in itself. A specific brand of BB cream can only treat certain issues of the skin.

Saving you from the sun

The best BB cream can only take care of dryness of skin, provide high SPF which would block out the ill effects of the sun. The BB creams which offer protection from sun have an SPF of 30 or more. These creams are also equipped with zinc oxide or titanium oxide.

Components of BB cream

These creams have heavy moisturizers like hyaluronic acid. Most of the BB creams contain mica which is known to reflect light and create a luminous effect on the skin. The best BB cream contains silicone based ingredients which are used to create a smooth and glowing texture of the skin. BB creams are used hugely as anti-ageing components as they are equipped with antioxidants, peptides and vitamin A.

Judge your BB cream properly before buying

One of the most immediate problems which arise with the usage of BB creams is that the skin tone mismatch owing to various types of skin types who are using it. Some brands claim that all skin tones can use the cream without hassle. This however is not true. BB creams can be perfectly used as a foundation.

Picking the right anti-ageing cream

BB creams are most widely used by people who are looking to counter the effects on their skin owing to ageing. The BB cream can make someone look younger than their real age. This is mostly due to the fact that the wrinkles and age spots are covered up properly by the cream.

Hiding the effects of ageing

The BB cream actively hides the effects of ageing. The cream contains retinoid and anti-oxidants. Hence it prepares the skin for hiding the discoloration as well as various age spots.

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