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Sebum Explained

Sebum and it’s importance in look defining

As complicated as hair can be, it is a prominent part of our head and our appearance. The hair is the first thing that people notices in our personality. If our hair isn’t groomed in a proper manner it can very well be the reason to ruin our day. But the point of debate is what makes our hair so dry or so oily and how can we tackle the problem and nip it in it’s bud. Our bodies are generally, in lack of proper words, self regulating machines. It is programmed to monitor all our activities throughout the day, so that we can perform them with ease and comfort. One such function of the body is the production of sebum, learn about it here and get to know how to control the excessive levels of sebum in the body.

Sebum Explained

Sebum: Definition

Sebum is actually the natural oil produced in the body to coat the skin and the hair. The Sebum in the skin layer helps in keeping the layer of skin hydrated and moisturized and even water proof. But sometimes the body over produces the sebum which can lead in acne and oily hair. But to understand the unfortunate oiliness in the skin and hair, we have to understand what is the root cause of the oiliness or in other words what sebum is?

Sebum isa oily looking substance having resemblance to wax. Sebum is composed of fats, oil, metabolites and other such ingredients. As the cells containing sebum bursts, it causes release of the sebum and sometimes the release goes too far. A healthy body always has a balanced sebum secretion. If secreted in balance, it helps in keeping the skin soft and supple but is also one of the contributors of creating ear wax in the body. Although sebum is odourless in nature, but too much of bacterial breakdown and excessive release of sebum in the body might lead to unpleasant odours and oiliness of hair.

What is Sebum Oil Made up Of?

Sebum is produced in a “Holocrine Process” and are secreted from the sebaceous glands. There are several ingredients that could be found in sebum which includes wax esters, squalene, triglycerides and different sort of free fatty acids. These ingredients are very important in retaining the moisture in summer seasons and preventing the water from going out of the body in the rainy and winter seasons.

Ways to reduce the production of sebum oil internally

This is the question that the dermatologists has to hear day in and day out. And the answer to this question is a simple yes. Actually a balanced diet with lots of Vitamin A based food such as sweet potatoes, eggs and carrots and certain cleansers and face wash would certainly help in reducing the production of sebum in the body. Besides, always remember to exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove the layer of dead cells, so as to avoid the clogging of pores.

Besides, there are also medication available to reduce the production of sebum. “Retinoid” are tropical creams for external use only, although they are very effective in the treatment of acne, they can cause redness and of Chinese of skin. There are a couple of other option like Accutane which is far more skin friendly products which affects the sebum level of the body.

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