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Secret to Extend The Life of Human Hair Extensions

Wearing human hair extensions can change your appearance, they will give your much thicker and fuller hair where there was not before. So, for some reason, extensions become very popular among women who have thin and fine hair. There are several types of hair extensions on the market, which usually include synthetic and human hair extensions, the latter is a better choice, which is usually more expensive, but it gives you the most natural looking and could be styles like you do for your own hair.

Like I said that real human hair extension is expensive, somewhat it is a big investment of money, some salons even sold the best extensions at hundreds of us dollars, so, it is very necessary to look good after your real human hair extensions, so that they can last as long as you want.

A lot of salon owners advise that whether straight hair extensions or curly ones, they should be cared or replaced on a regular basis, damage will happen when you wear these extensions over time, so sometimes expert treatment is also needed. Please bear in mind that you need to take more care of your hair extensions than your own hair, because extensions do not benefit from your natural scalp oil while your natural hair does.


Natural oil on your scalp is very important to keep your hair nourished, so you need to make your extensions to be more nourished. Especially for curly hair extensions, which are more prone to frizzy so that they need to be moisturised regularly to stay in a perfect condition.

You usually do harsh treatment to your extensions, including heating, coloring, straightening or something others, before applying these hair products to your hair, it is very essential to take an extra care and treatment for them.

Use a very gentle shampoo on a regular basis, apply the hair product throughout your full head and gently massage, do not do a rough treatment or your hair may become matted easily.

A deep conditioning treatment on a weekly basis is very essential for your extensions. If you are not sure which nourished product to use, we strongly suggest you sepak to your hair stylist, they will be very helpful to tell you advice on which hair product is best for your hair in particular texture.

Matting is a great issue for you own hair, so is for your extensions. So make sure you brush your extensions on a daily basis, which will prevent hair breakage and tangling. Avoiding matting is very important especially your hair extensions are curly.

However, when applying products on your hair, use the best ones, and it is better to avoid to apply these products on your hair roots, because this may cause extensions to slip from your head.

At last, sleep with your full head of hair gently, just securely braid your hair to avoid knotting. You can wear a breathable night cap to protect hair extensions well.

New Star Hair, which is a famous hair company founded several years ago, wholesale virgin hair in true length, they deal with a large variety of hair products that include weaves, extensions, wigs, lace frontals and lace closures, all these use one hundred percent of human hair, you can do any treatment like you do for your own hair. Proper care will make them last several years.

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