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Semi Permanent Makeup -Get the Perfect Look for Your Complexion

Semi permanent make up is a simple and an advanced way of applying color in your skin. There are various color shades available and the practitioner should help you choose the right shade for your complexion. This kind of makeup can be applied on the eyebrows top and bottom eyeliner, lip liner and lip color.

Who can opt for semi permanent makeup?

The best part of this makeup is that almost everyone can benefit from its usage. Whether you want to save your valuable in the mornings or you are simply exhausted of drawing your eyebrows unevenly or find your eye liner smudge mostly by lunch time, you will find semi permanent makeup is the perfect solution for all your problems. The professionals ensure that your makeup lasts for a long time and you get the best result for the most gorgeous look. In addition to this, this type of make-up helps in improving your overall look where everyday make-up is just an insufficient option. Read on to know who can go for semi permanent makeup Malta.

  • One who has sensitive skin or allergy
  • If you have contact lens, wear glasses or had laser eye surgery
  • People who have pain in their hands or arthritis
  • Some ageing change in eyes, lips or brows
  • Loss of hair due to alopecia, accident, cosmetic surgery or chemotheraphy
  • Color correction for breast areola loss, vitiligo, scar camouflage and cleft lip

semi permanent makeup malta

How does the process work?

During the process, small pigments are implanted in the skin that produce make up which lasts for many years. This pigment is made of natural iron oxide and used to improve facial features. Women of all age group seem to enjoy the benefits of semi permanent make up Malta. The main advantage of this makeup is that the pigment used are non reactive to your skin and almost infinite in color choice. There is no specific time for the longitivity of the makeup, rather it is dependant on the age, color and skin type. It is easy to wash off cosmetic tattooing however, this makeup will fade away in time. It is advisable that you do a re-touch every 1 to 2 years to keep the fresh look forever. Do not replace cosmetics completely since you would like to use them when you go out in the evening.

What are safety measures in semi permanent makeup?

  • You will have to take up an allergy test before choosing semi permanent make up.
  • Strict hygiene is applied for the method with sterilization of equipment.
  • There is individual sterile cartridge for each client.
  • No chemicals are used during the entire process.
  • Beauty salon should have a professionally trained technician who will execute the entire makeup.

Semi permanent make up is available for men and women. The effect of this treatment can be delicate or very severe depending on the requirement of the individual who wishes to go for it. Consult with your beautician to know what is perfect for your skin.

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