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Side Effects Of A Drug That Increases Muscle Mass

Testobolin is a complex natural testosterone ester. It is mostly used for bodybuilding, as it is one of the best steroids designed to gain or increase muscle mass. Testobolin has a long period of action when compared to other muscle growth steroids. The drug acts on the body for about 2-3 weeks, depending on the individual characteristics and health conditions of a person: the state of the hormonal background, metabolic rate and few more. The half-life is 6-7 days. To maintain shape and improve results in bodybuilding, triathlon and weightlifting, Testobolin injections are performed no more often than once a week. The side effects of this injectable steroid include Nausea, vomiting, headache, skin color changes, increased/decreased sexual interest and many more.

Increases Muscle Mass

The main advantage of Testobolin drug is the rapid increase in muscle mass and strength. Testobolin is especially used and liked by weightlifters. Together with the anabolic effect, the drug has a pronounced androgenic effect. A fast set of body weight is accompanied by a large accumulation of water, due to the fact that sodium is retained in the body. When the course ends, there is a fairly noticeable phenomenon of pullback. This drug is also used in the power lifting. In power lifting, Testobolin and Induject-250 take pride of place in the ranking of the most commonly used anabolic drugs. Testobolin successfully eliminates the “malfunction” of the joints, pain and crunch in the shoulders, coping with the pain and discomfort.  Testosterone can be used for men as a highly effective contraceptive. Long-term studies have shown that the testosterone course is a reliable and long-lasting contraceptive method, with a rather impressive level of efficiency – 99%. As studies show, the contraceptive effect of the drug is completely reversible – injections of testosterone provoke a minimal number of side effects. The side effects of this injectable steroid are minimal though, it has few horrible effects on the body if dosage is not followed exactly.

Testosterone is secreted by the testes and is responsible for the development or maintenance of a balanced primary and secondary sex characteristics in men – deepening of the voice, the rapid growth of the hair especially on the face and legs and also is responsible for the production of sperm for sexual reproduction.

The use of testosterone is associated with dramatic and almost permanent gains with respect to the muscle, the muscle mass and size, strength, aggression, endurance and the ability to handle intensive training. This hormone is vital for bone density, volume and muscle strength, sexual desire, body fat distribution, production of red blood cells and sperm production.  Testosterone also has the ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Testobolin accelerates the regenerative processes in the body. The recommended dose for use is 250-500 mg weekly. Injections should be performed once a week, preferably in the gluteal region. The course time is no more than 8-10 weeks. After 2-3 weeks of the end of the course, it is necessary to undergo post-course therapy.

Testosterone is mostly an injection substance with a slow release rate due to the long connection enanthate testosterone ester per molecule. This change modifies the release rate and half-life of testosterone. Non-esterified testosterone has a very short half-life, so that its use is very inconvenient and impractical. Enanthate ester extends the half-life of testosterone to 10 days. Testosterone itself is considered to be the most natural and safest anabolic steroid. It can be used by any person as a natural testosterone in the body.

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