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The Advantages As Well As The Side Effects Of Stanabol, Stanonaxin And Stanover

Stanabol also known as stanonaxin or stanover are anabolic steroids that are taken to increase the strength, endurance and to improve the performance and muscle mass naturally. It helps in increasing the appetite naturally which helps in gaining muscle mass faster. Stanabol or stanover are used by professional players and athletes to improve their performance and endurance level. These are sold under the brand name winstrol and are also developed by the Winthrop labs and are available in packaging of 10ml or 5mg tablets.

Stanabol, Stanonaxin And Stanover

Even though Stanabol is an anabolic steroid it is not considered to be very damaging as compared to others; but it needs to be used as directed. The Stanabol, stanonaxin and stanover contain the following ingredients:

  • Dibasic calcium phosphate
  • D &C red
  • FD & C red
  • Lactose
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Starch

Advantages of Stanabol, stanonaxin and stanover are:

  • The best part about taking Stanabol is that you don’t have to take its doses all throughout the day nor is one required to combine it with other steroids.
  • The dosage can be easily broken into two parts; so one dose can be taken in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Stanabol is flexible: which means the amount can be adjusted according to the need and requirement of a person.

It is recommended to take 20 to 25 mg per day for improving focus and endurance level; 50 mg can be taken to make the muscles lean, while 100 mg a day dosage can be taken by bodybuilders or athletes. Just like its advantages, Stanabol also has a few side effects like:

  • It can cause imbalance in the lipid profile of the users.
  • Stanabol can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol and decrease in the good cholesterol.
  • The imbalance in cholesterol can further lead to atherosclerosis.
  • High blood pressure is another problem that can occur due to the use of Stanabol.
  • In a few rare cases this anabolic steroid might lead to decrease in the blood flow eventually leading to heart failure.
  • This steroid is also toxic to the lover and could lead to its inflammation.
  • Cancer of the liver is another problem that can be caused due to Stanabol.
  • It can even lead to the decreased ability of as body to produce testosterone.

Except for the above mentioned effects Stanabol can further lead to hair loss, Gynecomastia and development of male characteristics in females.

The sale of Stanabol is restricted in a few areas that is why it is sold illegally for medical use, so one should be careful while buying this steroid the illegally; as it can be contaminated .Stanabol or stanover can be bought online from different vendors; before buying one should just know that the price for both the tablet form and injectable form is the same and it is little androgenic and very anabolic in nature. It has its advantages as well as its disadvantages so it is advisable to study about both before buying and consuming it on a daily basis.

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