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The formal shirt for men, a perfect style statement for all seasons

A lot can be said about a man from the way he wears his shirt. From form-fitting cuff-linked wonders in Egyptian cotton to breezy fabrics in vibrant hues, a shirt tells a lot. The era of power dressing is here and for the upwardly-mobile, the shirt is a must-have in the wardrobe. The formal shirt for man is having a fashionable overhaul.

A shirt is the perfect statement a man can make about his style. After-work party attire can be zinged up with pastel hues and soothing stripes. Time to open the bubbly and show off those electric moves? Nothing shouts more swag than blue-chequered rolled sleeves. Just chill, have a drink and see the ladies drool. In the boardroom, stamp your presence with stylish solid colours. Truly, masculinity is getting re-defined in this age of the fashion-conscious. Collared formal shirts are in vogue these days. The collar not only frames your face but also lends that imminently important sense of authority. Choosing the right collar is essential in enhancing facial lengths. Need a shirt that is more a la mode, pick a turndown collared shirt in gingham or soft hues. Getting your cuffs right is also important. Cuffs are visible when a jacket is worn. A button cuff or a double French cuff, when paired with personalised cufflinks, works wonders with a dinner jacket. Formal shirts for men are now the versatile style statements. There are few wonderful websites where one can purchase the right shirt from. Success online is one such site. Check out their collections for 2015. It’s a treasure trove for formal and semi-formal shirts.

formal shirt for men

Formal shirts for men are making a comeback, big time. Pair it with right trousers and jackets for any event. Choose your fashion, solid, striped or chequered and depending on the occasion, become the showstopper. Nothing is sexier than a man in a nice shirt. And that’s what she said!

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