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The Handbags That Every Woman Really Needs

Ah, handbags! They are some of the most wonderful items in any woman’s wardrobe, yet some of the trickiest to decide upon. They have to be both attractive enough to leave us satisfied with their role in an outfit, yet functional enough to actually get used. This is made even harder by the fact that different occasions have completely different needs when it comes to the practicalities.

We all sometimes feel like we really need a handbag because it is frankly beautiful, but this article is about the practical side of things. From a functional viewpoint, these are the different handbags that every woman really does need if she is to be ready for any occasion.

Handbags That Every Woman Really Needs

The Everyday Handbag

This one doesn’t require much explanation really. It’s usually a decently-sized but not oversized bag that can hold all the stuff you want to carry around day-to-day, with lots of different pockets and compartments for keeping those things organised.

The Massive Bag

Now and again, you’re going to need a handbag that is absolutely huge. It might be so big that you wouldn’t even call it a handbag, but at some point you’re probably going to use it as one. This might be a laptop bag, a substitute for a briefcase, or an overnight bag of sorts, and it will have to be sturdily-made from strong material.

The Classic Clutch

This blurs the lines between practicality and style a bit. It is a bag for those occasions when you want to dress a little bit smarter, and want the bag to be suitably eye-catching, while still remaining fairly practical. It should be attractive and a bit special, while still having enough room for essentials like money, keys and so on.

The Cross-Body

A cross-body bag is definitely the right choice for a number of situations, including travel and generally active days. This kind of bag can be securely kept hold of while keeping your hands free and giving you maximum mobility. For best results, choose one that is at least medium-sized to make sure it has room for everything, and have an adjustable strap so you can find the most comfortable position for it to hang.

The Evening Bag

Remember when I said this was going to be a discussion about the bags you really need for practical reasons? This is where that breaks down almost completely, because it is a bag for occasions when style is exactly what you really need. It’s a beautiful, fashionable bag you can take to parties, formal events, and anywhere else when you want to dress up, look your best, and have an outfit – including your handbag – that impresses people. Only one practical point remains; evening bags tend to be small, so if you want to take more than the bare minimum you may want to look at some of the slightly larger examples.

Of course, just because these are the bags you functionally need, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose something nice that fits your personal sense of style. It also doesn’t mean you can have more than one of each of these different kinds of bags. But every wardrobe should contain at least one of each.

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