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The Need Of The Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

Human foot has twenty six bones, twenty muscles, thirty three joints and over hundred ligaments. Over workout on this precious muscles and bones is bound to give you a foot pain. That is why plantar fasciitis shoes have been introduced to get rid of this problem. It is a type of shoe that is made especially for prevention and treatment of foot pain. These are very comfortable with variety of designs keeping the stability and support in mind.

You can also flex your toes from ample toe room present in the shoe. Some people use additional inner soles to decrease the depth of the shoe. For plantar fasciitis shoes you can do the same by adding or removing as per your requirement. These curing shoes are applicable for both men and women. It is not that you will wear it only during the treatment time, but you can also wear easily in parties, events or any time. Like the other shoes the prices depends upon the quality and material of the shoe.

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

Types of plantar fasciitis shoes

Sandals and boots are the most common categories. These shoes are custom made that help you to meet your requirements. Choosing the best footwear for you is the most important part of the treatment process. In this case it is recommended to consult with your family physician who can provide and guide you to the appropriate shoe that your foot needs. The shoe actually exercises the muscles of your feet whenever you walk or run wearing it.

The foot stress is common in people who have high arched feet, hard and flat kind of feet. Great shoes for plantar fasciitis and foot pain are available in plenty in the market but to pick up the right one is bit of a tough job. Running shoes is generally used as the best. The shoes are manufactured specially to provide protection against high impact usage. Motion control shoes are the most durable and rigid. Its purpose is to limit the inward rolling of the foot which is called as over pronation.

Control of over pronation

Most of the people develop foot pain on their own. This is because of faulty shoes that causes harm to your feet. Great shoes for plantar fasciitis and foot paininclude Nike free, Dunlop Volley, Dunlop KT-26 and many similar shoes. Incorrect fitting of the shoe and shoe type that do not support the arch of the feet can cause over pronation. The over pronation of an individual is most likely due to the obesity or diabetic symptoms. Selecting of the shoe depends upon the degree of over pronation and on what activity it will be used.

Active sports men like sprinters with flat feet usually over pronate. Therefore they need motion control shoes that controls the pronation.There are various shoes available in various sizes with different stages of treatment. They are mild, moderate and maximum support shoes which controls the over pronation. Always remember the factor of heel counter when you are buying any plantar fasciitis shoes. The heel counter is the back portion of the shoe which should be firm when squeezed.

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