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The Truth about Using Steroids

You’ve seen people in the gym showing off their muscles and it got you into thinking, “Are steroids really bad?” Yes, steroids are bad for you, and it doesn’t take one to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. The subject of using steroids has been plagued with controversy for decades now because of athletes take advantage of it during major sporting events.

Even though steroids are bad, do note that smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners are also bad for the body. However, all these substances cause harm to the body in varying degrees. Oftentimes, the negativity of steroids are often exaggerated by the likes of media as they often portray them as unfair advantages for athletes (which can be true), and some reports even claim that it can lead to deaths.

Side Effects of Steroids

Perhaps the main reason why steroids are bad for the body is due to its effect towards health. Symptoms might include the following:

·         Elevated cholesterol levels

·         Acne breakouts

·         Liver damage

·         High blood pressure

·         Gyno

·         Poor skin health

Albeit these are side effects due to the use or consumption of steroids, these are often temporary effects and will disappear in due time.

The Truth about Using Steroids

Aside from physiological side effects, steroids can sometimes come with negative psychological effects such as low mood, anxiety, depression, and even a higher chance of restless nights due to nightmares. Some people might even experience thinking thoughts of suicide after taking steroids. This scenario is quite common when using some steroids as there is a huge difference between the start and end of a particular cycle.

During the beginning of a particular steroid cycle, you’ll most probably feel like Superman as you have the confidence, and perhaps even the strength to lift heavy things. However, once the effects start to diminish by the end of the cycle, you’ll feel all those confidence levels wither away, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and even the possibility of acquiring suicidal thoughts. 

It is this thought that if you ever plan on taking steroids, it should be under the supervision of a doctor, or, at the very least, someone you trust can properly observe you while you’re taking your steroid cycle.

Benefits of Steroids

While there are negative things that revolve around the topic of taking steroids, taking or consuming these strength enhancing medications aren’t all bad. If they were, then it would defeat the purpose as to why some doctors recommend the use of steroids to help in the treatment of some medical conditions.

Different steroids promote varying advantages to one’s physiological and psychological health. It can help in building better muscle, cutting down excess fat, enhancing strength and endurance, boosting libido and sexual performance, and acquiring a leaner physique.

Moderation is Key

If you want or need to take steroids, do so in moderation. Treat it like you’re approaching caffeine, and just about everyone knows that drinking too much coffee per day can be bad for the health. In the case of consuming steroids, users become ticking time bombs if there is an abuse of the consumption of the substance. If you’re experiencing any adverse effects during your steroid cycle, then stop all consumption immediately until your health goes back to normal.  

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