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The Two Biggest Shopping Malls Ever

The Manaira mall is the largest mall in the state of Brazil’s Paraiba and one of the largest malls in the north east. This mall has a largest food court and entertainment area which includes Complex Cinema Rooms Box Cinemas, bowling Gold Strikes and Strike Bar, Gym, banking and college and EPHF colleges. As such mall the Mangaberia Shopping started its activities set records on its opening Sunday. In days of opening stores, retail chains such as American, Magazine Luiza and Riachuelo recorded domestic sales record with a billing estimate of 5 to 3.5 times higher than in inaugurations if other stores in the country. The shop Esposende shoes which recorded sales growth three times higher than in other opening of its stores, the result reflected in the consumption potential of the new business venture of Joao Pessoa, which has an estimated audience of around 350000 potential customers according to a study a consultant hired by entrepreneur Roberto Santiago.  The study also points out that in the Mangaberia shopping surrounding area home to more than 350,000 people, which includes the neighborhoods such as bank, Anatolia, University City, South Downs and many. 60 percentage of take up to 6 months to leave the neighborhood and go to the city center, reflecting the economy turns around the location.

Biggest Shopping Malls Ever

Shopping malls:

Roberto Santiago said that the Manaira shopping is not the competitor of Manaira shopping and vice versa it is denoted because the Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping is similar to the Manaira mall. The main reason of denoting this is that, one will not take customers from other; on the contrary there will be a balances concentration. In eliminating the entrepreneur, less than five percentage of the Manaira customers can migrate to Mangaberia, but this percentage will never be felt by the mall customer traffic on the waterfront has a sustainable growth from ten to fifteen percentage per year, according to the Santiago, the customer movement Manaira shopping is estimated at 1.5 million which reaches to a peak of two million per month. The manager declined to estimate an average audience that will attend the Mangaberia, but it proved optimistic about the movement and the year-end sales time has contributed to the strong presence of people, in particular, the appeal of structure promotions promoted by anchor stores opened in the commercial enterprise. The Mangabeira shopping has been open with the opening of 90 of its 187 stores and 165 were traded. According to Santiago, the mail’s Manaira will grow Robert Santiago reveals that the Manaira shopping will still go through two more major expansions, with the projects that have been already approved and the budget is estimated in the years 2017 and 2018. It has scheduled the opening of another stage the expansion of investing in Manaira emphasized Santiago. Making a relationship between the two projects, the businessman said about the two different projects in urban society aspects. In Manaira, the malls are transforming an area hitherto formed by houses in a belt of buildings and shops in the streets around the shopping centre.

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