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Top Three Looks for your Prom

Is this your first prom? Then you must be surely excited. Prom nights are always about fun, dancing and romancing with a date. This is a great opportunity to impress all your classmates as well as seniors with impeccable style and fashion sense. Sometimes, you may also want to make your ex jealous by looking drop dead gorgeous. So, here are three looks which can make you look absolutely stunning for your prom night:

Top Three Looks for your Prom

The Classy Look

If you want a sophisticated and red-carpet like feel on your prom night, you can dress up the classy way with long prom dresses, cocktail dresses, floor length gowns etc. Usually, young girls always try to ape movie stars for style and fashion. So, here too, you can dress like your favorite star and deck up as much as you like. Look for elaborate drapes, bold cuts and exquisite designs when picking up your dream prom dress. But make sure you are not overdoing anything. Then the entire look can go in vain. If you dress is too gaudy, avoid elaborate jewelry or a loud makeup. And lastly, to pull off the classy and grand look, you need the right attitude. You have to don the princess-like attitude when you enter and walk around in the party. If you cannot carry the grand stature, then you shouldn’t go for this look.

The Romantic Look

Undoubtedly prom is the most romantic night of a teenager’s life. For some, it is their first date with a person they like while for some, it is the first confession of love. The night is full of excitement and enthusiasm and definitely one of the most memorable nights of a person’s life. You too would want to make this a night of many unforgettable moments, right? So, on this romantic eve, dress up in a romantic manner at the sight of which your date will go weak on his knees. Wear long dresses with high and low flowing drapes. Use bows, lace, embroidery and other feminine elements on your outfit. Go with different kinds of necklines which make you look jaw dropping sensual. At the end of the day, feel the romance that is around you on a prom night.

The Quirky Look

Now, not all of us are great at following fashion trends and there is no such pressure that everyone has to do so. You can always experiment with different looks and styles of dresses. And discover something unique for yourself. So, if you do not want to abide by the normal prom night trends, you can wear something totally different. You can decide not to do anything the conventional way and opt for some quirky clothes. Instead of going for shimmers and sequins or lace and embroidery, you can try out some modern and bohemian prints. Sometimes, you can also team it up with quirky accessories like a belt or a sunglass. Quirky style of dressing can be really innovative and draw all the attention towards you.

These looks can be further enhanced when the prom night has a particular theme. If it is a fairytale-like theme or a Hollywood night, you can do the classy look; if the theme is inspired by a love story or set in a romantic city like Paris, you can try out the romantic look and if the prom has other unique themes like James Bond or Mardi Grass, you can try out various kinds of quirky looks. So, what are you thinking? Quickly decide on your look and start shopping for the best prom of your life.

Author Bio: Wily O’Connor is a fashion blogger in New York. She writes about three different looks with short or long prom dresses which can really make this prom, a night of your life.

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