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Watch out the Western & Ethnic Fashion Switching Their Attributes!


Since so many years the basic traits of Ethnic and Western fashion have remained true to their respective names and meanings. But, within a blink of an eye things have undergone a tremendous transformation without much of our attention. Just have a look at you and you will exactly know what is being happening all this long!

Today, the fashion has crossed each and every limit in reversing roles of two absolutely different styles. You can now easily find ethnic styles coming in Western wear apparels and vice- verse. Given below are the patterns in which trends have gone on flipping the fashion definition with passing time:-

Westernized Styles in Ethnic Wear

1) Gown style Anarkali suits


Today, the concept of Western gowns has been beautifully merged with the traditionality of Indian Anarkali suits. Such a resultant outfit endows you with the best of both the worlds and the priceless feel of being no less than any princess out there! So go and buy online ethnic dress ASAP!  

2) Tailored Pants


Westernized pants have started to take a big control on the way Indian women carry a salwar suit these days. Rather than pairing a suit with a salwar, leggings or a churidar, today women are switching on to the stylish pants, which gives a very sophisticated and jazzy edge to the wearer.

Ethnic Touch in Western Wear

1) Kurti style Tops


Kurtis have experienced a great makeover in order to give an illusion of Western tops, which can be very comfortably worn with denim or hot shorts! And this style is receiving a lot of appreciation by the women all around.

2) Embellished/ Embroidered dresses


Westernized dresses do not come with much of the embellishment or embroidered edge in general. But, due to the entrance of traditional streak into their making, one can easily get dresses with ethnic embroidery or embellishment nowadays!

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