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Winter 2015/16 Snapback Trends

Snapbacks are as popular as ever. They are still a streetwear essential.

For winter 2015/16, there is more choice than normal. This year the designers have mixed things up a bit and tried to provide something new for everyone, regardless of their style preference.

Luxurious fabrics

Cloth snapbacks are still available, but they have been joined my more luxurious options. Leather, suede and exotic skins are being used more than ever before.


The minimalist look

Perhaps the biggest change is the introduction of a minimalist style. This look is certainly not for everyone, but it is different and very smart. It works best for those who have to dress professionally during the day and want a cap to wear for their journey to work. Many of the ones that are available for the winterare made from leather rather than cloth, so they offer reasonable protection from the rain.

Muted colours

This year snapback caps are not as colourful. There is a general trend in streetwear for blacks, greys and earth tones, so cap designers have come up with designs that reflect this. Grey caps with bold white embroidered logos are the most popular, followed by black hats. Generally, the logos are smaller too.

The workwear influence

This year labels like The Hundred and Crooks and Castles have introduced workwear elements into their streetwear ranges. This trend is reflected in the design of their new baseball caps.

Many of this year’s caps have smaller brims reflecting the style worn by workers on construction sites. There is enough of a brim to keep the sun out of their eyes, but it is not so large that it obscures their field of vision. It is different from last year’s deep brim look, but one that actually works really well with today’s more understated streetwear.

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